Here is a common list of questions that you should ask any photographer before hiring them for your special event.

Will Ashley Lynn be taking the photos at your wedding?
Of course! I am the only photographer booking weddings with Ashley Lynn Photography. Whenever you need anything during the planning process, you will talk directly to me! I do not hire any outside help nor do I allow anyone to run my business on my behalf. 
What styles do they specialize in? Do they do any creative shoots? What’s your primary style? 
I work mostly in the area of photojournalism. When I photograph a wedding I try to be unobtrusive and out of the way. With that being said, I am not afraid to take over if something is not going the way it should be. However, I also take the time to get those posed shots that everyone loves to have. I work to cover all aspects of your wedding from the fun candids to the elegant bridal portraits and, of course, those important group shots.
Can other people take photos while you are taking photos?
This is a tricky one. I do allow other people to take photos while I am. However, I will not stop what I am doing to enable them to get their shot. My first priority is to get the best photos possible since I am the paid professional. When family members interfere with my photographic process things fall behind schedule and can get ugly. I have experienced this and was put an hour behind schedule in which this time the sun had set and missed many major outdoor photos. The best way to help family members with this is to remind them that you will receive a disc with all of your wedding images and are able to share with them.
Has he/she worked at your event locations before? Have you ever shot a wedding at our venue location before? 
I have worked many locations not only as a solo photographer but also as an assistant. This has given me the opportunity to work with some of Saginaw's best professionals and learn how to work in many situations. 
Should your event last longer than scheduled, will they stay? Extra charge?
When you book Ashley Lynn Photography you are entitled to 8 hours of wedding coverage. Now if it is the end of your coverage time I will not just leave. I evaluate the situation by speaking with the bride and groom, the DJ, and close family members to see if I need to stay longer. I will not leave before any important event at your wedding. 
How many photos come in each package? What is the breakdown per photo?
With almost all of my wedding packages, I will include a disc of at least 600 images and with a photo release This allows you to print them as you would like. I do offer individual prints priced a la carte. All prints that are ordered through me are completely retouched and color corrected to make them the best image possible.
What types of photos will be taken (B/W, Color, Antiques, etc..)?
I take full color, high quality photos. During my post editing time I do add many filters to your photos including black and white, sepia, etc. I also save all the originals so if at any time you would like to have a certain photo with a certain effect I can easily do it for you. I tend to stick with a more natural/ classic look. I began my journey into photography in the darkroom, so the newer overly Photoshopped style is not to my liking.
Will they accept of list from you, for specific photos to be taken?
Not only do I work off of your must take list, but I also give you one of mine that you fill out and give back. Before your wedding I like to sit down with my brides to discuss their specific needs. My goal is to be 100% prepared for your day and to understand exactly what you want!
What attire will they and their assistants wear?
While at weddings I dress professionally. I typically wear a modest dress with sensible shoes. I don't work to look overdone, but to blend in (and make the bride stand out!).
How long after the event will the proofs be ready?
My goal is to work quickly to produce the highest quality product possible. In order to allow me to accomplish this please understand my standard turnaround time. In addition I kindly ask that you wait the given times before contacting me about the status of your photos. 
With wedding, I will post a preview of some of your images on Facebook within 48 hours. This allows your friends and family to get a sneak peek right away! Look for your entire set of photographs to be posted to my website 3-5 weeks after your big day. About a week later I will have your proof book and DVDs ready for delivery.
Engagements photographs will be posted about 5 days after your session. From there you will have 90 days to pick your 40 favorites for your proof book. Once I have your list of favorites your proof book will be ready for delivery in about 3-5 weeks. 
Will they give you the negatives or what is the charge?
When you book Ashley Lynn Photography you receive the disc of your final wedding images. These photos have shared Rights which mean you can print them at while and I can use them for any purpose that I need.
Is this your recent work that I'm seeing on your website?
I try my best to update my website at least once a month. If you are looking for my most recent work, check out my Facebook page for daily photos;
Do you provide a written contract and guarantee?
Yes. When you book Ashley Lynn Photography we sign a contract securing my services for your date.
Is a deposit required? If so, how much?
In order for me to book your date I require 50% of your total bill. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior the wedding.
Are there any additional charges not mentioned? (i.e. travel)
Travel fees are only additional on wedding taking place outside of the Tri-City area. This fee is different according to your situation.
What are the refunds/cancellation terms?
If you have to cancel your date there are no refunds. However any payments or deposits can be saved and used towards a different date. In this situation the price for the original date cannot be saved. If there is an increase on the costs of services on a change of contract the bride and groom will be responsible. If the cancellation is on my end, a full refund will be issued.

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